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Resin Glass Coasters and Trivet Trays

East Coast Engagement Tray

Searching for a creative gift for a special someone that needs a personal message? What about playful stocking stuffers that are one of a kind? Or maybe you are looking for a fun girls night event. Well look no farther: I will be teaching classes on creating resin glass coasters or appetizer trays.


Your piece can be used as a coaster, a trivet tray for appetizers, a candle plate or hung up for display— you decide.
Each piece is unique and personal. I would encourage people to use tokens of their memories: pressed flowers from a special day, tickets stubs from a first date, collections from a beach holiday – a montage of collectables…. Or you can create a special message to someone, letting them know how much you care about them. A message written in charms, hearts or whatever meaningful tokens you have.  Message boards can be created with permanent or temporary markers – you decide.
There countless possibilities on what to make, and whatever you make is sure to be a conversation piece. How more personalized can a gift be?

What do I get to make? Supplies are provided to make up to four 4.5 X 4.5 inch coasters or one 6 X 14 inch cheese platter  filled with your creativity and charm.

What should I bring? You don’t need to bring anything, but if you want to make it personal, broken jewelry, feathers, charms, trinkets, coins, silk or dried flowers are great – laminated photos from a photo both are fun. Items should be flat with not too much height as the standard coaster legs are only about three quarters of an inch high. There will also be kinds of stuff for you to pick through if you run out of ideas, or you want to add to what you already have. Note that this is a chemical process and there is a few uncommon things that just do not take well to the resin, and please ask if you have questions.

When?   Please email Cristine at if you are interested in attending a class.

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