Art with Purpose was inspired when Cristine was exploring the idea of charity work. She wanted to create an event that brought forward creativity combined with donations to causes that matter.

Inspired by the heArt is what both Susan and Cristine feel that every piece of their art should be. 

Each piece of art sold will have a portion of the proceeds donated to a charity. The charity selected will be considered collaboratively and will be aligned to the principles and values of the artists.

We look forward to creating many collaborative pieces as well as individual expressions of our art in the future. Both of us are thrilled to explore the infinite possibilities of art with you. Stay tuned to find out where this creative process leads us.

 Susan Spellman Cann

Susan Spellman Cann discovered her love of art five years ago when she decided to paint with friends just for fun. A Psychologist by profession Susan saw the therapeutic aspects of art and loves the pure joy and flow state that it offers her. She recognizes that everyone can paint (oh yes they can) and when they do they too will get lost in the pure joy of creation. Fifteen hours can feel like fifteen minutes. How glorious! Collaboration comes easily to Susan so the idea of creating art with the fabulously talented Cristine Wells was exciting. She looks forward to painting many more collaborative pieces in the future.

Susan has kerataconus ( a progressive eye disease ) so one of the reasons she is driven to paint and create is that she wants to do as much as she can for as long as she can. Susan has always tried to live every day to the fullest , so she is excited to share her new-found love of art with you. Susan especially loves oil and acrylic though you can find her creating watercolours as well. Susan loves to paint looking out on the Mira , but most of her art is done in Calgary where she uses art to let go and go with the flow. All of her pieces are inspired from the HeART. Susan will always be grateful to #etmooc for giving her the confidence to let go. She hopes you enjoy her art as much as she does in creating them. If any of her art finds a special place in your home know it was created with much joy,  passion and love.

Cristine Wells

Cristine has been passionate about art from as far back as she can remember. Art seemed to open the door to a different world of fascination and never-ending exploration. There is always something new to discover, always an opportunity to improve and learn. Art is part of her and to not express it would be like not being able to talk.

Her brother was an artist and passed away in a tragic accident at a young age. In one of their  last conversations, he told her that being an artist has little to do with what you draw: more importantly is what you see. Creating art is a true expression of being ‘mindful’, exploring details visually and filtering out what is unnecessary distractions,  focusing on the simplistic beauty of things and being in the moment. She seeks out subjects that bring joy and light and draws inspiration from things that she loves.

Working with Susan Spellman Cann is a gift – her enthusiasm and energy is contagious! Painting together is like being a kid all over again on an amazing adventure.  You never know where it will lead you and you have a lot of fun along the way.